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I recently had several calls from a business partner of iPage (Darnell Lewis Jr. WEBSITE SECURITY CONSULTANT from SiteLock) he informed me of a security breach that iPage had experienced.

I was informed that after what they called a website scan done by iPage that they found files on my website that were infected by malware. I had not uploaded or done any modifications to my website (3DeMotion.us) in 6 years and found it odd that I now had infected files. How could this happen?. After a bunch obfuscated gibberish from Mr.

Lewis he tried to circumvent answers to my direct questions asking about what file was infected. After his call, I pursued this by contacting iPage directly and asked the same questions and received very different answers. But I was given the iPage solution to my problem by purchasing security tools from SiteLock the business partner of iPage. WTF kind of BS was this.

I have been in the computer industry since 1989 as a graphic artist and owner of several businesses for 28 years. In the beginning of computers, we all became our own IT experts. I know when I am being lied too. I will not bore you with any more writing but I will include the letter that I sent to Mr.

Lewis. If I hear back I will update this post with the response. Thank you, Darnell iPage became just another sleazy company. What a bunch of ***.

I would have said *** but I wanted to keep this civil so I choose not to. I just got off the phone with iPage and it was explained to me that the reason my files became infected was that their server became infected and as a result, every person that is sharing space on this server is now infected. The solution was, of course, to sell me your tools to keep my website secure and virus free. First of all, if I believed what I was being told and I don't that would mean iPage doesn't have a secure server and that information would be very hazardous to iPages business.

Secondly, if that were the cause they would have on *** of a nerve to try to charge me to eliminate these infections caused by them to start with. I would like someone to explain to me why iPage wouldn't be constantly scanning their servers for viruses and keeping the customers safe. This also sounds odd that if this is the case that they wouldn't run an anti-virus software on the infected servers and therefore remove all viruses on the server resulting in my files being virus free. This would be a bit of reverse engineering.

If iPage servers infected my website then it's only logical that they could, should and have the obligation to disinfect my files. If a server is virus free then so am I. They should be trying to hide the fact that they became infected. Do they not practice a virus scan on the millions of files being uploaded to their servers.

That would be gross negligence, to say the least, and disgraceful. The solution that I was given was even more insulting. If I didn't choose to purchase your product that the only cost effective way of solving this problem would be for me to download all of my files and run my own virus scans at home to disinfect my files and re-upload them to a server filled with viruses. Oh and by the way your asking me to download iPages infected files to my personal computer.

We all know that's how malware is able to infect our systems, don't we?. I know what type of scam you are running here and I now understand why you were so evasive when I was asking you what file was infected. The answer was all of them. This is what a reputable web hosting company should be writing to the customers.

We at iPage are sorry to inform you that we have discovered a virus on our servers that may have infected the files of your website. Here at iPage, we are doing everything in our power to resolve this issue and protecting our customers against any threats. We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you. I used to think iPage was a very reputable company but after this garbage, I know it is not.

I am telling all my colleagues not to use iPage for their web hosting. After writing this to you I will be blogging my experience with iPage. The iPage representative that I was speaking with started to babble when trying to answer my questions and finally, he just stopped speaking. I suggested that iPage give better webinars to giving better *** answers to intelligent questions.

You and iPage need to have better coordination between yourselves to pull this off. You each had very different ways of explaining how this could have happened. If a WEBSITE SECURITY CONSULTANT and iPage can't provide me with definitive answers then you have no clue of how to prevent the same thing from happening again. Was it the Russians?.

Darnell why don't you give this job up and see if you can find a position cheating old people out of their life savings You know something that people could respect!. Love the fear factor business model and thank you for your concern. -Gregory BTW I think you threatened me with iPage taking down my website well let me tell you, my friend, if this is what happens I will be suing you and iPage. Good luck with that.

I hope iPage had a disclaimer that reads "we are not responsible for any infected files caused by our servers". I don't think so. Do people walk down the street yelling bad fish for sale again a rhetorical question?. Just in case.

A rhetorical question is a question that you ask without expecting an answer.

The question might be one that does not have an answer. It might also be one that has an obvious answer but you have asked the question to make a point, to persuade or for literary effect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ipage Web Hosting.

Reason of review: You are full of *** and I think it's great..

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I am facing exactly same problem, they infected my website and now they are trying to sell security plans

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